Aquitanima - The Exhibition of Livestock and Bovine Genetics

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Aquitanima - The Exhibition of Livestock and Bovine Genetics
Saturday, May 16, 2020 - Sunday, May 24, 2020Description :

Every year, the Salon de l'Agriculture Nouvelle-Aquitaine hosts 400 cattle under Hall 4, during the Aquitanima, the Livestock and Bovine Genetics Exhibition of the Great South of Europe.

For 3 days , breed competitions, animal presentations and auction sales follow one another to offer the public the best of New Aquitaine's bovine genetics.

HOT THE MOBILIZED SECTOREvery year, Aquitanima is an opportunity for breeders of the great South- West, to meet to exchange but also to take stock of the latest developments in the profession.

Technicians, companies specializing in genetics and service companies are present to inform and meet the needs of active breeders and those who wish to to install or develop a new activity.

The students of Agricultural Education are also mobilized to support professionals and animals throughout the event. INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENTFor more than 10 years, Aquitanima has been a reference for foreign breeders.Whether they are breeders, veterinarians, members of cattle associations, students, these professionals from around the world gather every year on the occasion of " Aquitanima Tours International "to share their knowledge and exchange on the genetics of Aquitaine and French breeds. Before the show, nearly 80 delegations are welcomed in the context of technical circuits dedicated to the Blond breed of Aquitaine, Limousine and Bazadaise. Since 2016, a new circuit dedicated to goats has enriched the Aquitanima Tours.

To close these 3 days of circuits, an International Seminar is held at the Hôtel de Région Aquitaine. An evening during which, French technicians and foreign breeders testify to the interest of raising these breeds originating from the great South-West.

The international is also at the heart of the show, with a dedicated space, not far from the ring. where the bovine competitions and presentations take place.

On the spot, foreign and French visitors can get in touch with genetics professionals to discuss the characteristics of the breeds, to be advised, to discover the novelties and to order.

For several years, a partnership with the region of Salamanca can create real links between breeders and promote the races of Aquitaine in Spain.

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