Breviglieri was founded in 1949 by Oreste Breviglieri, a very ingenious young man who observed how painful and exhausting field work was; it was then that he stubbornly, relentlessly and enthusiastically launched the creation of products capable of facilitating agricultural work.

A true forerunner, he created new tools for "tillage with a PTO", contributing strongly to the radical changes that have characterized the transition from traditional agriculture to mechanized farming.

Faithful to the ideas of its founder, the company has continued over the years to advance on the path of innovation, by filing numerous international patents, which has also allowed it to gain a broad consensus among a demanding clientele and attentive to the economic profitability of his property. Breviglieri has thus been able to expand and cross national borders, to become a company that exports 75% of its production to many countries around the world.

Targa Breviglieri Today, Breviglieri represents a brand renowned for its high-quality product range, as well as for the relentless pursuit of excellence, the professional growth of its staff, the sense of responsibility and the constant confrontation with its customers. market.

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