MIRO, located in Pierrefontaine Varans in the Doubs, we are at the heart of a breeding pond. This privileged geographical location fully justifies MIRO's core business, which is the transfer and treatment of animal waste.

This business area consists of a rich range of barn equipment and rolling stock. This barn equipment is characterized by equipment for evacuating or scraping manure or manure. Given the range of products offered, MIRO through its network of dealers will offer you the most suitable solution for your facility whether in loose housing stall hampered with cattle, pigs, poultry, on straws facilities or predominantly slurry.

In addition to the transfer of animal waste, MIRO also offers solutions for the transfer and treatment of liquid manure with the MIRO Eisele product range and its range of pumps, agitators, grinders. These products thus ensure optimal recovery of manure produced on your farm.

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