The company PEZZOLATO S.p.A., created in 1976, has acquired a leading position in Europe over time thanks to the efficiency of its products. Its three production lines, its important mechanical design office ensuring the design and construction of all machines, the attention it pays to customer requirements, the important part of its turnover invested in programs research and development, are at the base of the company's growing success.

To date, the company PEZZOLATO SpA, with two factories, an area of ??70,000 m² (28,000 covered) and 150 employees, is very flexible and guarantees its customers both serial products and solutions studied individually for solve specific problems. These are some of the reasons that led the PEZZOLATO company to the top of European and global markets.

The success and organization of the company has made it possible to meet the requirements of a large number of users, from the smallest to the largest farms and forests. PEZZOLATO S.p.A. has developed a wide range of machines with diversified performances and characteristics to offer its customers machines adapted to their specific and varied needs. A particularly well-stocked spare parts warehouse, computerized order management, a large international support network and reliable technical booklets are the hallmarks of the company's flexibility, guaranteeing an immediate and reliable after-sales service.

In 2002, the company PEZZOLATO obtained the ISO 9001: 2000 label issued by the DNV, an internationally recognized organization. It testifies to the quality of its products.

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