Sieve for coarse cleaning and pre-cleaning

RMIG offers the widest range of perforated patterns for coarse cleaning and pre-cleaning that gently and thoroughly remove unwanted material for all kinds of crops such as wheat, corn, rice, legumes, seeds and other seeds.

We offer a wide range of round and oblong perforations in different thicknesses and materials for your specific needs.

Coarse cleaning
The purpose of using perforated sheets for coarse cleaning is to separate the maximum amount of impurities to ensure that the products are clean enough for drying and storage until the next transformations.

The difference between coarse cleaning and pre-cleaning is that it can also involve the separation of smaller particles than the main crop. In some cases, pre-cleaning can replace coarse cleaning. The purpose of the pre-cleaning and the use of perforated sheets in this operation is to improve the ability of the culture to conservation and improve the yield and quality of grinding.

- Pre-cleaning: allows to improve the conservation of the culture and the yield and the quality of the grinding.
- Grain cleaning: removes straw, weeds, seeds, soil, garbage and other unwanted material.
- Screening: Small materials such as weed seeds, soil particles and stones can be sieved from the grain through a smaller screen.

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