Tarbes Agriculture Fair


Tarbes Agriculture Fair
Friday, March 5, 2021 - Monday, March 8, 2021Description :

The quality of our event is well established and the trumpets of fame have now transcended regional boundaries; the presence on the agricultural show of Tarbes, of "CAMPAGNES TV", the television channel which animates the plate of the info at the show of agriculture of Paris, and which progresses strongly in term of audience, is the proof of it .

It is expected that this channel will broadcast a series of reports on our territorialized sectors, channels that have been accompanied by the Chamber of Agriculture for years.

These are now known and recognized and must now gain market share at the regional but also at the national level.

It is the black pork of Bigorre, the Tarbais bean, the Barèges Gavarnie sheep, the veal under the mother, etc ..., etc ...; these have become identity products on which the Hautes-Pyrénées can communicate and when we know the share of tourism in the departmental economy, these media are not to be overlooked.

This event owes its success to the fact that all exhibitors from the agricultural world become actors; they organize, expose, and draw in their wake all the rural world that comes to meet the urban world, all age groups, all social conditions combined; all this gives an atmosphere that can not be found anywhere else.

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