Addition of COATEX film to CLAAS product range

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Addition of COATEX film to CLAAS product range
Friday, March 23, 2018Description :

With the introduction of the new net and film wrapping system in the ROLLANT 400 UNIWRAP range, CLAAS now also offers the COATEX film material needed for the new bale wrapping process.

Less film, easier disposal
The workflow for the new film wrapping process is exactly the same as for the normal net wrapping operation, except for the material. Once the bale in the bale chamber has reached the required size, it is automatically wrapped in up to eight layers of COATEX film. In contrast to the net wrapping process, the film layers extend a few centimetres over the lateral edges of the bale. This saves on the number of layers required later on the wrapping table, and also provides optimum protection for the bale edges. The new system also does away with the laborious process of separating net and film when the bale is later opened. It all adds up to easier handling, and the tidy and efficient disposal of bale wrapping materials.

Improved bale shape, better silage quality

The practical benefits of COATEX include an ultra-reliable wrapping process. The bales are densely packed, resulting in a significantly improved bale shape. These are major advantages for transport and storage. The rapid and more effective air seal also ensures an optimum ensilage process, with outstanding stock feed quality.

The right product for every baler
CLAAS COATEX is available in two versions, both of which are 1,400 mm wide, for reliable coverage around the bale edges. According to the baler model and operating conditions, for example haylage as opposed to moist silage, the customer can choose between film thicknesses of 20 ?m (1,750 m roller length) or 17 ?m (2,000 m roller length).

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