Sylvain Biodynamie, a new barrel of Tonnellerie Sylvain

Tonnellerie Sylvain

Sylvain Biodynamie, a new barrel of Tonnellerie Sylvain
Monday, November 19, 2018Description :

To support their clients and reinforce their own biodynamic approach to winemaking, the teams at Tonnellerie Sylvain have been working for the past few years to develop a new barrel which applies the principles of biodynamics to the entire barrel production process.

All the major step of the production process from tree to Sylvain Biodynamie barrel assembling (splitting, jointing, assembling, toasting…), are completed according to Tonnellerie Sylvain’s technical specifications following a precise schedule according to the lunar calendar, either a flower or fruit day. These two days are chosen for a reason: in the world of biodynamic winemaking, they are widely recognised as enhancing the aromatic expression.

The teams at Tonnellerie Sylvain have thought this barrel in its globality. During the whole fabrication process, every aspect of the natural environment is considered to preserve the natural balance of the living environment. Especially during the maturation of the staves, that are arranged in a storage area dedicated to biodynamic wood.

Each Sylvain Biodynamie barrel is assembled by master coopers who are well-versed and trained in the principles of biodynamics. All the teams at Tonnellerie Sylvain have been mobilized around this project to offer the most ?biodynamic? barrel possible.

- The most complete biodynamic barrel making process,
- Respect of the lunar and planetary rhythms during the whole process (from tree to barrel),
- Respect of the balance of nature,
- Master coopers well-versed and trained in biodynamics

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