Agrisem Disc-O-Mulch: Gold replaces Super

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Agrisem Disc-O-Mulch: Gold replaces Super
Monday, April 20, 2009Description :
The Super model of Agrisem was launched in January 2004 with a main idea: modularity. At the time, 3 m models accounted for about 80% of sales. Agrisem decided to assemble the foldable models from a 3 m chassis. This specificity left the possibility for a customer to widen his Agrisem Disc-O-Mulch a posteriori. Today the situation is different because the 3 m machines are no longer in the majority. In the new Agrisem Gold range, collapsible stubble cultivators are specific machines which allow the production of larger widths. The Agrisem Disc-O-Mulch Super range stops at 6 m while the Agrisem Gold offers a maximum width of 7m50.

Agrisem renews its range of Disc-O-Mulch Super disc disc harrows with Disc-O-Mulch Gold.

The Agrisem Disc-O-Mulch Gold is an independent and retractable disc harrow. Its optimum working speed is between 8 and 20 km / h. Largely sized, the Agrisem Disc-O-Mulch Gold is classified as a heavy-duty heavy-duty cultivator with 560 and 610 mm discs. It still benefits from the patented 3D safety as well as the two aprons behind the two rows of discs.


In addition, the Agrisem Disc-O-Mulch Gold has more complete equipment than the previous Agrisem Disc-O-Mulch Super:

- Bracing of the bracket

- Hydraulic unlocking of the transport position

- Roller arm mounted on flanges

- 18 depth settings compared to 12 previously

- 2 folding arms per extension against one on the Agrisem Disc-O-Mulch Super



The Agrisem Disc-O-Mulch Gold range comes in two versions: SR and SRE, which correspond to two sizes of disc hubs. Both types of hubs have the same technology. They are lubricated and therefore maintenance-free.



Novelty specific to the Agrisem Disc-O-Mulch Gold SRE: the front discs have a diameter of 610 mm and the rear discs have a size of 560 mm. This difference in diameter provides several benefits for the user:

- the stubble cultivator has better clearance and passes better through plant debris

- the disc wear is homogeneous between the front and rear. (When the disc diameters are the same, the first row will wear about twice as fast.)

- better refinement of the second row of discs that rotates faster than the first row.

- The first row levels and manages the crop residues and the second refines the seed bed.



Widths available: Agrisem Disc-O-Mulch Fixed: 2m50 - 3m - 3m50 - 4m

                                 Agrisem Disc-O-Mulch Foldable: 4m - 5m - 6m - 7m50

Agrisem Disc-O-Mulch Gold can be delivered as a spray or drag version. Users choose their roll from a choice of 5 different models. Depending on the type of soil and the relief, the required power is between 35 and 50 hp per meter.

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