Azurit: single-seeded seedling seen by Lemken

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Azurit: single-seeded seedling seen by Lemken
Wednesday, January 15, 2014Description :
Lemken is exploring new avenues and is now embarking on seedling. Still in prototype, the Azurit is a seed drill with pneumatic distribution with an inter-row of 37,5 to 75 cm. The particularity of this precision seed drill resides in the seeding of seeds staggered with 12.5 cm spacing (Delta Row technology). Presented at Agritechnica 2013, Azurit still faces numerous tests before its commercialization (scheduled at the end of 2015).

Designed for direct sowing such as plow sowing, the manufacturer provides for two rotary debris flushes and then a double disc system to incorporate the fertilizer (5 cm deep). The "sower" element is also made up of a double disk with plumbing wheel, and two reeling roller to close the furrow. The seed is stored in a central hopper, transported pneumatically between the rows and dosed on the row.

"Delta Row" technology for staggered seeding

The particularity of the seed drill Azurit de Lemken resides in the sowing in quincunx. Each row forms 2 rows of seedlings spaced 12.5 cm apart. Sowing in "double-lines" is done with two drilled, electrically driven and synchronized discs so as to alternatively distribute the seed between the two lines on the same row.

According to the German manufacturer, quincunx seeding would provide up to 70% additional root surface area and would improve water and nitrogen absorption.

A versatile single-seed drill

Lemken plans numerous tasks for the new Azurit seeder. The row spacing is variable, manually, allowing seeding from 37.5 cm to 75 cm inter-rows. These conditions will allow planting of maize, soybean, sunflower or rapeseed. Lemken also announces that seeders could evolve at 15 km / h.

The time is still being tested for the single-grain seed drill Azurit. The manufacturer plans tests on different types of soil, with different tillage patterns (no-till sowing or conventional work, etc.).

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