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Demblon Variable Width Plows
Friday, April 10, 2009Description :
The Demblon Variable Width (LV) plow range is available in 4 large clearances (shear bolt, traction bolt, mechanical and non-stop hydraulic).

The Demblon variable width plow range incorporates the structural elements of the Demblon manual width range. All the articulations of this model are in chapping, banded and equipped with grease nipples. The goal is to optimize the longevity of each moving element. The Pentasoc Extensible and Hexasoc (5 + 1) models feature an automatic recentering with built-in memory, lockable with a 1/4 turn valve to cut the realignment.

The new 8DX head for larger models is equipped with a Cat hitch. III / IV in chapping. The diameter of the pole is 126 mm.

Demblon variable width plows are equipped with an automatic coupling, except the 8DX heads.

The hydraulic offset system (DDHM) is standard on all models.

All models are equipped with a gauge and transport wheel.

The Pentasoc E and Hexasoc (5 + 1) models are equipped with a solenoid valve for coupling 2 double-acting functions.

The bodies are equipped with reinforced forged coulters or reversible plowshares.





An update on Demblon

The Demblon Plows is the know-how of a family business with 60 years of experience.

The company Demblon was founded in 1947 by Michel and his son Claude Demblon. Refusing to yield to the sirens of the gigantism during the Seventies, the company preferred to prosper with a human size, sure of its know-how. While many manufacturers have disappeared, SAS M.A.G. Remains a sure value among manufacturers of agricultural machinery.

Located in Soissons, in the heart of the Aisne, the company has been serving farmers for 3 generations. It is now run by the daughters of Claude Demblon. Mrs. Sophie Larminaux (P.D.G.) is in charge of the management of the company. Ms. Nathalie Haussy (D.G.) is responsible for production. They perpetuate the corporate culture developed by their father.

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