Mechanical weeder mounted intercep BIO Series


Mechanical weeder mounted intercep BIO Series
Description :

Chassis, coupled to the rear 3PH of any tractor, is the ideal equipment for weed control between plants in vegetated plantations (e.g. vineyard and orchard) formed in rows and central lines or total cut equipping cutting blades in in-row weeders arms. Equipped with 1 o 2 electro hydraulic in-row weeder , commanded by an hydraulic power unit and controlled by a control box installed in the tractor cab.

Developed to work around the plant even with a very small size (from 1 cm diameter of plant trunk). The use of different tools is possible, allowing both surface works without earth removal and deep works up to a working depth of 20 cm. The equipment is controlled by an adjustable sensing rod, equipped with an electronic inductive sensor.

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