New Holland Smart User Interface puts harvesting expert in cabin

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New Holland Smart User Interface puts harvesting expert in cabin
Thursday, July 16, 2009Description :
The increasing sophistication of modern combine harvesters and the growing need for high quality grain with minimal losses have made the use of the combine a specialist job. New Holland's Intelligent User Interface provides operator experience by automatically managing throughput and fine tuning at the touch of a button. This device, winner of a special mention in the SIMA 2009 innovation list, allows operators to work with serenity and to make the best profits from the machine for maximum performance.

Expert Adjustment

Confronted with the wide range of machine settings required by the variety of crops and their conditions, a farmer or entrepreneur needs considerable experience to make his machine work optimally. These adjustments are all the more critical given the tendency to replace several combine harvesters by a single larger machine. The difference between incorrect or approximate settings and a well-tuned machine can generate significant deviations in hourly yield and grain quality. The driver is therefore under increased pressure at the wheel of a very high-performance machine.

The New Holland Intelligent User Interface allows the driver to quickly and easily optimize the combine settings for any crop and in any condition. The essential operating parameters are continuously saved and displayed on the IntelliView monitor and compared to those previously set before the start of the job. When these parameters exceed the preset limits, the operator presses the Auto crop setting (ACS) help button on the IntelliView monitor and the device will recommend changing some combine settings. The operator has the choice to accept or ignore the recommendations and, if accepted, the combine will automatically change the necessary settings.

The Intelligent User Interface will first alter the parameter furthest from the optimal setting. Once validated by the operator, the device will wait 60 seconds to analyze the effect of the new setting before making further recommendations.

The grain losses from the separating and cleaning elements as well as the volume of the removals are checked. It is even possible to manage broken grains or impurities when the New Holland 'Grain Cam' device is installed, which is also the object of a rich list. The speed of the beater or rotors, the position of the concave, the opening of the grates and the speed of the cleaning fan can be adjusted by the 'Grain Cam' device to optimize performance. Suggestions for further adjustments will also be made.

Increased daily yield

When the setting parameters are set by an experienced driver, the machine does not really need to be checked regularly. Operators with a more limited experience can set the machine quickly and easily, knowing that the settings are determined by the current working conditions to ensure that the best machine throughput is achieved.

Unlike other devices, the Intelligent User Interface is the only device available to suggest and implement settings. Recommended settings are established for each harvest, allowing the Intelligent User Interface to be used in all cereal regions of the world.

New Holland will introduce this new Intelligent User Interface technology to CR9000 rotary combines.

About New Holland

The reputation of New Holland Agriculture has grown from the success of its customers, cereal producers, breeders, contractors, vintners and greenspace professionals. According to New Holland, they can count on the widest range of innovative products and services: a complete range of equipment, from tractor to harvesting equipment, handling equipment to customized financial services offered by a specialist Of agriculture. A global network of highly professional dealers and the commitment of New Holland's excellence will guarantee each customer an incomparable service and experience.

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