The new Fortia and Centora harvesters from Massey-Ferguson

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The new Fortia and Centora harvesters from Massey-Ferguson
Sunday, June 29, 2008Description :
Massey-Ferguson will present the Fortia and Centora, two new combine harvester ranges for the 2008 edition of Innovagri (Outarville (45) from September 2 to 4). The Fortia have 3 new axial combines, while the Centora consists of two new conventional combines with 8 shakers.

 The Centora range includes two new models: the 378ch MF 7280 and the 413bhp MF 7282, both of which are available in the AutoLevel version. These threshers are manufactured in the Randers plant in Denmark.


 The main features of the Centora range are:

- MF PowerFlow carpet cutter standard which would increase the capacity in rapeseed up to 73%. Equipped with the system of automatic leveling, automatic control of the height of cut and the speed,

- Beater 1680 mm long x 600 mm diameter,

- Reinforced beater,

- Rotary separator with adjustable spacing and speed,

- 8 shakers who would bring up to a third of separation capacity in addition and less losses than on a 6 shaker,

- Dual cascade cleaning system and electrically adjustable grills,

- Separate drum mixer to increase flow rates,

- Straw chopper with 8 rows of standard serrated knives




The Fortia range, manufactured at the AGCO plant in Hesston, USA, consists of three models, the 9695, the 9795 and the 9895, with a power output of 460, 413 and 378 hp respectively.


The main features of the Fortia range are:

- MF PowerFlow carpet cutter of 9m series,

- 360 ° rotor power supply,

- The longest rotor on the market with 3.56m length - 800mm diameter on the MF9895 and 700mm diameter on other models.

- Record discharge rate of 158 liters / sec

- Simplicity of design with only 13 belts and 3 chains.

- Terminal Console II for machine settings and control

- Pre-equipment Autoguide standard on the MF 9895 - Optional on other models.

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