The New Holland T7000 Auto Command have continuously variable transmission made by New Holland

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The New Holland T7000 Auto Command have continuously variable transmission made by New Holland
Saturday, April 4, 2009Description :
New Holland is continuing to develop its T7000 tractor range by offering an all-new Continuously Variable Transmission called "Auto Command". This transmission equips five models, from the T7030 to the T070.

The new Auto Command transmission is the heart of this five-tractor range. This transmission is designed and manufactured by New Holland in the specialized plant in Antwerp.

The Auto Command offers four different working modes: automatic, cruise control, PTO and manual. In the automatic mode (by default) the feed handle or the accelerator pedal act on the speed of the tractor with the logical management of the lowest power consumption. The cruise control mode allows you to directly reach a preset speed using the wheel and maintain it (3 forward speeds and 3 independent rear speeds). In manual mode, the engine speed is controlled by either the accelerator pedal or the hand throttle, while the forward grip is used to vary the transmission ratio.


Sidewinder II armrest for easy driving

The T7000 Auto Command offers the New Holland Sidewinder II armrest with the feed handle found on the New Holland FR9000 forage harvesters. This armrest is electrically adjustable.

Acceleration and deceleration are controlled by the movement of the feed handle. The inversion maneuvers can be carried out at the touch of a button, by means of the inverter control on the left or with the feed handle. The operator can also set three desired forward speeds and switch from one to the other. Ideal for jobs requiring frequent adjustments in speed, precision in the work, or for important transport jobs, the "pulse" feed handle also has end-of-field management, lifting control , The management of 2 electro-hydraulic valves, the Cruise Control mode, the speed dial and an Intellisteer auto-activation button.

The IntelliView ™ III color touch screen is a standard feature of the New Holland T7000 Auto Command range. Installed on an adjustable arm of the Sidewinder II console, the monitor provides all the information on the tractor functions. With the latest CAN BUS technology, the monitor can also be used to control and manage towed or towed equipment such as a large rectangular baler.

(IntelliView ™ III from the CX / CR Combine Harvesters has been adapted for the T7000 AutoCommand to manage the New Holland guidance system with a single cabin display and a single button to manage the intellisteer.

Pre-installation guidance is now a factory-fitted option; It includes the steering angle sensors, the control valve, the hydraulic connections and the wiring harnesses. The GPS receiver and navigation controller can be installed in a concession; The operator can then follow predefined tracks or make a basic map).




Five models with increased power

Five models from the New Holland T7030 from 167 hp to the 225 hp T7070 expand the tractor offer from New Holland and extend the range of power and features available to customers. The T7000 Auto Command models offer the same power as their T7000 Active Power Command but introduce the new high-end New Holland T7070. The 6.75 liter 6-cylinder NEF engine, developed by Fiat Powertrain Technologies, delivers 225 hp at rated speeds and 250 hp at maximum engine speeds. Like all other engines in the range, this new turbocharged, air-cooled engine benefits from electronic fuel injection. All have 1000 and 1000Eco PTO speeds as standard.


New Holland T7000 Auto Command Active Stop

The Active Stop keeps the tractor on a steep slope without having to deactivate the transmission once the tractor is stationary. The Electronic Service Brake (EPB), manufactured by SKF, is a more reliable solution than mechanically locking the transmission, using the highest applied pressure on the brake linings to maintain the tractor. EPB is activated using the reversing lever, but it will be automatically activated if the tractor is stationary more than 45 seconds or if the operator leaves his seat or if the engine is stopped.

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