The Precision of Ets Square

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The Precision of Ets Square
Friday, April 10, 2009Description :
The new camera "Précicam" of Ets Carré with double optics allows to visualize several rows of crop which would improve the reliability of the guiding of the hoe. The new control box, which is more user-friendly and ergonomic, allows real-time monitoring of the culture lines and the visual quality of the camera, thus enabling fast start-up. Finally, the operator does not intervene on the control box between the beginning and the end of his work site because Précicam is now equipped as standard with a system of automatic stop and refocusing at the end of fields.

The new Carré camera called "Précicam" is used to automatically guide the Econet Square hoes to crop rows. Precision will improve working comfort, precision up to 2 cm on each side of the row and speed up to 15 km / h.


The principle of functioning is simple. The rows of culture are followed by a camera which controls the maintenance of the hoe in line.

La Précicam de Carré is a self-contained unit in the form of an interface between the tractor and the Carré Éconet hoe (0.38 m overhang). A dual-optical camera follows one or more rows of cultivation and hydraulically removes the part coupled to the hoe as required. The system supports a tractor drift of 15 cm on each side.

Précicam de Carré features a pair of wheels that stabilize the camera and control the position of the hook beam of the Econet square hoe. The assembly would be easy to couple and unhook with the hoe, which allows if necessary to harness different configurations of hoes instantly.

All models of standard Square Econet can be used (10036 guide beams can be removed). The rows followed by the camera must be outside the tractor wheels.

Xenon headlamp equipment is now available as an option. The precision camera of Carré can thus work in nocturnal condition.

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