The Valtra LH LINK, an innovation in front lift systems

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The Valtra LH LINK, an innovation in front lift systems
Tuesday, December 4, 2007Description :
The front lift "LH LINK" of Valtra is innovative in that it is secured to the chassis by a vertical pivot which allows it to pivot parallel to the front wheels or independently thanks to a simple adjustment in the cab. The lifting capacity before LH LINK is 3.5 tons.

Being able to use a front linkage that pivots in parallel with the wheels is an advantage for farmers working with front / rear combination tools (with front / rear combination of mowers, for example).

This innovation also brings an additional degree of freedom to facilitate the coupling of tools at the front.


The new Valtra front linkage allows the tractor to rotate 360 ??° in less than 10 meters. This performance is possible thanks to the use of the Ackermann process of rotation management. The tool on the front is positioned in the same axis as the front and rear wheels, drawing an ideal curve.


From the cab, 4 control modes are available to adjust the rotation of the front linkage.

With the first mode, the system is unlocked and the front linkage is fixed.

With the second mode, the driver adjusts to the degree the relationship between the front wheel steering radius and the front linkage. Thus, the driver can reduce the relationship between front wheel steering and front lift rotation by 50% (35 ° for wheels and 17.5 ° for front linkage). The maximum turning radius is 35 °.

By using mode 3, the front linkage also operates from 0 to 35 ° depending on the rotation of the front wheels, but the centering position of the front linkage can be changed in either direction.

Mode 4 is designed specifically for front / rear combination tools by offering a higher rotation of the front linkage than front wheel rotation.


These adjustment possibilities from the cab make it possible to eliminate the overlap while improving the quality of work. Valtra's LH LINK system is intended for farmers, ETA / CUMA but also for local authorities for their maintenance work. Indeed, the tool being carried according to the turning radius, it suffers less side loads and the work of the front PTO is thus facilitated.

Valtra's LH LINK front linkage was developed in partnership with the Finnish company LH Lift (major supplier to the industry) and AFCON (a research and development company for agricultural and forestry technology). The front linkage was specially designed and studied for the N series of tractors from 101 to 152 hp.


The first LH LINK systems will be factory-fitted from 2008.

Valtra's LH LINK system received an "INNOVATION AWARD" silver medal at the AGRITECHNICA 2007 international trade fair in Hanover.

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