A new Maxidrill at Sulky, the TRW 4 meters foldable

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A new Maxidrill at Sulky, the TRW 4 meters foldable
Tuesday, April 8, 2008Description :
The 4-meter TRW completes the Maxidrill range, which also consists of a 3-meter fixed-frame model and a 6-meter foldable chassis.

Semi-mounted, the new Maxidrill TRW ships up to 3200 liters, enough to sow 20 hectares of wheat. For safe transport, the Breton manufacturer has equipped it with a hydraulic folding in 3 meters and a transport axle with tires

Wide. It can thus take the road, hopper full, safely.


Designed and tested for "fast" seeding on mulch

The latest Sulky consists of a double row of individually suspended crenellated preparation discs, a large diameter reel roller (765 mm) and, ultimately, sowing lines "80 kg" Cultidisc II. This combination generally avoids a preparation passage. If this is the case, it is possible to replant the crop with a central packing roller at the front of the seed drill (optional).


Cultidisc II seeding lines

The seed lines, of the strongly serrated monodisk type, avoid "bending" the straws into the furrow; Their diameter (415 mm) is suitable for high seeding rates. Their anti-jam clearance is 560 mm between rows. Profiled and reinforced by a carbide pellet, each seed rasette was positioned set back from the disc, protected from the earth flow. It is thus protected from wear and allows the seed to be deposited. All of identical length, the Cultidisc II provide a homogeneous pressure, if necessary, up to 80 kg per element (adjustment by parallelogram). Lastly, adjustable flanged wheels, retractable in fat conditions, offer an optimum soil / seed contact.


Centralized distribution 100% Sulky

With the Sulky design, the single-dose distribution of Maxidrill TRW is very suitable for small seeds and ultra-low dosages (rapeseed); It has been successfully tested at a rate of 350 kg / ha of wheat at 15 km / h. The Ultron console gathers the post-emergence trail and provides the driver with alarms and information. A multifunctional box simplifies, by simple pulse, the management of the U-turns: raising, inversion of tracers, unfolding, return of the sowing lines to their initial depth ...

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