Enrichment of the JCB 526-56 by AGRI Plus


Enrichment of the JCB 526-56 by AGRI Plus
Saturday, January 17, 2009Description :
Since the French launch of the new Telescopic JCB 526-56 in 2008, JCB has developed several variants around this machine. The Telescopic 526-56 AGRI is experiencing a new evolution with the introduction, at SIMA, of its AGRI Plus version. Built on the same basis as the JCB 526-56, the new AGRI Plus features a 114 hp engine, a new full powershift gearbox and a servo-controlled mono-lever.

The JCB Telescopic 526-56 AGRI Plus is equipped with the JCB Dieselmax 114hp (85kW), 4.4 liters engine capacity, 16 valves, with mechanical injection pump, turbo-intercooler, meets Tier III emission standards. It is equipped as standard with the hydraulic motorcycle fan with self-cleaning flow reversal which characterizes most TELESCOPIC Agricoles JCB.

The new JCB 526-56 AGRI Plus has a lifting height of 5.6m under the forks and a load capacity of 2.6 tons.

To increase the maneuverability of the 526-56 AGRI Plus, JCB equipped this new machine with automatic steering mode change that allows easy switching from two-wheel steering, four-wheel steering or crab, without stopping the movement of the TELESCOPIC.

Controlled by the new MONOLEVIER servo driven, the hydraulic functions would be precise, cumulative and fast.

The TELESCOPIC JCB 526-56 reaches the maximum speed of 33km / h at the gearbox level, in a mechanical version with synchronized passages. The full powershift four-speed gearbox, powered by a commands under the steering wheel, shifts gears under load and reaches speeds of 33km / h or 40km / h depending on the version.

In all cases, the TELESCOPIC JCB 526-56 AGRI Plus is equipped with a direction reverser under load. Optional rear axle disconnection also adds value by limiting tire wear and reducing fuel consumption when traveling on the road.

The TELESCOPIC 526-56 AGRI Plus can access low-rise structures under construction, thanks to an available treadmill offering an overall height of 2,30m.

Stability is the result of the TELESCOPIC rear part of the fuel and hydraulic tanks acting as a natural counterweight.

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