Evolutions on round balers Case IH

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Evolutions on round balers Case IH
Thursday, June 19, 2008Description :
Case IH offers a range of round balers, fixed chamber and variable chamber balers as well as a baler combined press. A series of improvements and a change of denomination mark the new range.

The entire range of Case IH round balers have their name change: the "X" is removed and the number now ends with a "4" to mark the new generation.

Fixed chamber presses

The RB 344 is a stationary chamber press incorporating a compression system combined with chain and bar rollers. Available with a rotor feeder, it also comes with a cutting system. The size of the bales made is 1.2 m wide by 1.25 m in diameter. The RB 344 rotor cutter / Silage Pack combines both pressing and wrapping operations.

These presses benefit from an improved forage transfer between the pick-up and the compression chamber. By reducing the distance, forage is faster transferred to the compression chamber to increase overall productivity and work under harsh conditions. The transmissible torque capacity has been increased accordingly and will ensure a longer service life for all the mechanical elements.

On the Silage Pack version, the control monitor program can now finish the cycle even if one of the film reels is finished.

Variable chamber presses

The new RB 454 and RB 464 are variable chamber presses with a mixed compression system combining rollers to start the formation of bales and belts. These two models, 1.5 m and 1.8 m maximum bale diameter each receive a choice of fork, rotor or rotor feeder with cutting system.

The press range has undergone improvements on the forage feed system. The distance between the pick-up and the compression chamber has been reduced and on the versions with fork-feeders, the course of the latter describes a larger ellipse thus improving the transfer of the forage. The chain transmission of the press has been resized and can withstand a maximum torque of 1700 Nm, favoring the work rate and the durability of the press.

A new binding program improves the quality of the distribution of twine on the bales.

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