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John Deere 700i Sprayers
Monday, January 14, 2008Description :
John Deere expands its range of 700 trailed sprayers with the arrival of the all-new 700i to meet customer requirements in terms of environmental friendliness and traceability.

The John Deere 700i sprayers are the "advanced" cousins ??of the 700 series. Like them, three tank capacities are proposed: 2400 liters for the 724i, 3200 liters for the 732i and 4000 liters for the 740i. Their width of ramps also extends from 18 to 28 meters.

700i sprayers are compatible with pre-equipped ISOBUS tractors.

They are equipped as standard:

- storage compartments,

- of the DPAE regulation by flow and pressure simultaneously,

- an axle suspension,

- a cleaning gun for the incorporation tank,

- a brush with retractor for cleaning the sprayer,

- the GreenStar 2600 Color and Touch Console.

The GreenStar 2600 allows you to manage multiple applications at the same time and control all 700i spray functions from the tractor cab. Connected to a StarFire iTC antenna, it benefits from the manual guidance "Parallel Tracking" of series (automatic "AutoTrac" optional) and the automatic documentation FieldDoc.



Spray management with GreenStar Sprayer Pro

The user can also benefit from the GreenStar Sprayer Pro module, which automatically controls the general spray valve as well as the different boom sections to minimize shortages or overlaps.


Intraparcellular modulation with FieldDoc

FieldDoc allows the user to modulate doses from yield maps, weed infestation maps and soil analyzes. The doses applied and the opening / closing of each section of the ramp are recorded automatically. The final map shows where the products have been applied.



Finally, an "i" pack is also available as an option on 700i sprayers. It includes:

- complete control of the sprayer with the GreenStar 2600,

- the StarFire iTC antenna with built-in correction signal John Deere SF1 (+ or - 20cm precision),

- FieldDoc documentation,

- and activation of GreenStar SprayerPro

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