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New Backhoe Loader JCB 4 CN - Remote Arrow
Sunday, July 5, 2009Description :
JCB, the world leader in backhoe loaders, is launching a new, innovative and more productive model for the French market. Built on the platform of the famous JCB 4 CX backhoe loader, the JCB 4 CN is equipped with an axial rear shovel and offset for greater versatility.

The advantages of JCB 4 CN ?. . . The rear boom offset gives an additional 30 ° articulation in each direction, providing 240 ° operation at work. By this configuration, the operator has access to a more important area without having to move his machine resulting in increased productivity. This offset also makes it possible to bypass any obstacles such as poles or trees.

The configuration of the long-range stabilizers allows, according to JCB, a very large stabilization of the backhoe loader JCB 4 CN whatever the configuration of the ground including on slopes or on uneven ground.


Multiple applications. . . The applications of the new JCB 4 CN are numerous in the sectors of road maintenance, motorway, forestry, agriculture, all over Europe but also for some emerging countries of the east.

According to David BELL, Managing Director of JCB Sales: "Until now the JCB 4 CN was used only in Scandinavia on specific requests for the forest environment to work among the trees. From experience, we are convinced that the productivity benefits generated by this technology can be put to the benefit of other users. "

"The economic crisis in Europe particularly affects Public Works contractors and users of our Backhoe Loaders. It is our responsibility as a leader in this market to bring innovations to increase the productivity of our machines on a daily basis, to exceed the limits of use for the greatest benefit of our customers. Thanks to its versatility, the new JCB 4CN also allows our customers to innovate, to take on new, often less conventional markets. "


The JCB 4CN Technical Specifications:

- JCB Dieselmax engine of 74.2kW ??(100 HP) Turbo

- Travel speed: Up to 40 Km (On site)

- Retraction force of the backhoe: 6 929 kgf

- Depth of excavation: 4.85 meters.

Not to mention the famous features of JCB backhoe loaders such as the JCB SRS charger arm suspension, the new Advanced EasyControl servo controls and the JCB Autoshift transmission.



To note . . . In order to contribute to energy savings, JCB also offers on this new model JCB 4CN the very innovative JCB Torque Lock System converter blocking device that allows direct transmission for better efficiency when traveling on road . At full engine speed, the travel time between sites can be reduced by up to 10%, and the reduction in fuel consumption reaches 13%. Thanks to this JCB Torque Lock System, the reduction in power consumption can be as much as 25%, thanks to a more rational use, in particular optimal torque, and on average on standard applications.


About JCB:

The JCB Group, the world's third-largest construction equipment manufacturer, also markets machinery for agriculture, industry and green spaces. The Group has 18 plants on 4 continents: 11 in the UK, 3 in India, the others in the USA, Brazil, China and Germany. Employing nearly 8,000 people worldwide, JCB celebrated its sixtieth anniversary in 2005 and marketed 54,500 machines in 2008.

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