New Holland Boomer 3000 tractors and Continuously Variable Transmission

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New Holland Boomer 3000 tractors and Continuously Variable Transmission
Sunday, March 22, 2009Description :
New Holland Boomer tractors are manufactured in the United States. The range includes three models of 41, 46 and 51 hp. They are equipped with a 4-cylinder engine (the smallest, 2 liters, the other two, 2.2 liters) and a transmission with chain variator (silver medal at Sima 2009).

The continuously variable transmission of New Holland Boomer 3000 tractors is fully mechanical. According to the firm, it offers the flexibility and the progressivity of the hydrostatic, while guaranteeing the regularity of a mechanical gearbox. The efficiency of the EasyDrive would indeed be 25% higher than that of a hydrostatic transmission.

Thanks to the regulator, the driver can choose either the constant speed (fertilizer spreading) or the constant speed (soil preparation with cutter or brush cutter). In the first case, the engine adapts according to the load to run at the most economical rpm. In the second case, in case of heavy load, the transmission regresses and then returns to the programmed speed as soon as the speed decreases.

Depending on the work to be performed, the gear selector offers three speed ranges (0 to 9 km / h, 0 to 18 km / h and 0 to 30 km / h). In the second range, the driver can also adjust its speed in increments of 0.5 km / h, by means of a switch placed on the transmission console. To optimize site flows and respect the ground, its reactivity is adjustable according to six modes (3 slow and 3 fast). The inverter under load, on the steering wheel, guarantees particularly flexible direction changes.

In addition to the automatic speed adjustment, the Anti-Stall automatically disengages the transmission in the event of an abrupt increase in load.



The optional Super Steer

The Boomer 3000 hood allows them to optionally have the SuperSteer front axle pivoting by one degree when the wheels turn three degrees. As a result, the maximum steering angle is 75 ° when a conventional bridge reaches 54 °. It offers a radius of 2.79 m. In addition, the Sensitrak system automatically controls the engagement of the front axle to optimize traction without degrading the fragile surfaces.


Hydraulic performance

The Boomers 3000 are equipped with two hydraulic pumps as standard. The first, (19.4 l / min) is dedicated to steering and servitudes. The second (36.9 l / min) takes care of the distributors and the lift (1,600 kg). As standard, the tractors are equipped with two rear valves. A third can be added as well as two others, lateral, for the use of a magazine.



A planned arch version

The SuperSuite cab is factory fitted (a hoop version should be available in the fall). The SuperSuite cabin comes standard with air conditioning and a glass roof in the continuity of the windscreen. It should prevent the user from bending each shift at work to the shipper. The four narrow struts of the cab provide panoramic visibility. The tinted and curved windows reduce the noise level and the reach of the sun's rays. The flat floor and the positioning of the various controls also contribute to comfort.

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