New series 9 and 11 of Deutz Fahr: 6 models from 270 to 440 hp

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New series 9 and 11 of Deutz Fahr: 6 models from 270 to 440 hp
Monday, January 6, 2014Description :
The Deutz-Fahr range of high-performance tractors is expanding thanks to two new series launched at the Agritechnica 2013: the 9 series (3 models from 270 to 340 hp) and the 11 series (3 models from 360 to 440 hp) . These series have respectively Deutz engines of 7.8 liters and MTU of 12.8 liters, and a continuously variable transmission ZF. Their design is the result of collaboration with the Italian designer Guigiaro Design. The two series will be marketed in the second half of 2014.

The 9 and 11 series, engines from 270 to 440 hp

The new Deutz-Fahr 9 series is powered by a 6-cylinder Deutz TCD 7.8-liter engine, delivering up to 340 hp for the Deutz-Fahr 9340. To meet the Tier IV-final emission standards, Common rail (at 1600 bar) and a turbocharger with intercooler. Exhaust gases are treated through the combination of SCR + FAP technologies (AdBlue injection + Particulate Filter). According to the manufacturer, the engines also receive a new electronically controlled (water) cooling system to cope with high outside temperatures.

As for the 11 series, the tractor operator uses the German engine manufacturer MTU, known for supplying engines to aviation and navy. It is a 12-liter MTU 6R1300 6-cylinder engine delivering up to 440 hp with overpower (for the Deutz-Fahr 11440) for torque up to 1800 N.m (at 1900 rpm). Deutz-Fahr has adopted SCR technology to meet Tier IV-final emission standards.

True to ZTV Continuously Variable Transmission

For the two new series 9 and 11, the tractor operator continues his partnership with ZF. The ZF Terramatic continuously variable transmission (TMT 32 for series 9 and TMG 45 for series 11) is available. These two transmissions are planned to evolve at 60 km / h at 1700 rpm (1350 rpm at 40 km / h, maximum speed authorized by the French Highway Code).

Front axle suspension and cab suspension

To guarantee comfort on the road as well as in the field, Deutz has opted for the Dana front axle suspension with independent wheels. The cab is suspended by four hydraulic cylinders.

A hydraulic flow of 300 l / min for the series 11

The new series 11 receives a Load-Sensing circuit that delivers up to 300 l / min at 200 bar through the combination of 2 hydraulic pumps. The "Energy-Saving" technology makes it possible to disengage the second pump when the need for power is covered by the first. On the circuit, the tractor operator offers 8 electrically controlled auxiliary valves. This hydraulic circuit is independent of the transmission. With its 90-liter tank, it avoids the presence of residues in the transmission (earth, dust, etc.).

The new series 9 also receives a hydraulic circuit with load control, flowing up to 210 l / min at 200 bar thanks to the combination of 2 hydraulic pumps. 7 electro-hydraulic valves are available, 4 of which have a maximum flow of 150 l / min (100 l / min for the 3 other valves).

It should be noted that the lifting capacity of the 2 new series reaches 12 000 kg at the rear ball joints and 6 000 kg at the front.

The Deutz Maxi-Vision cab

The series 9 receives the cabin of series 6 TTV and 7 TTV of Deutz-Fahr, also designed by Giugiaro Design.

Visibility is enhanced by a monobloc windscreen. The information is collected on a color screen on the right front pillar. As an option, Deutz-Fahr offers the "i-Monitor 2.0" terminal, a 12 "touchscreen unit with tractor data. This terminal can also receive "GPS Agrisky" autoguiding technology or "ComforTip" plow management functions.

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