SIMA 2015: gold medal and special mention for CLAAS

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SIMA 2015: gold medal and special mention for CLAAS
Thursday, February 26, 2015Description :
The winners of the SIMA Innovation Awards 2015 were made public on 27 November 2014. CLAAS has just won two awards: the new PANORAMIC cabin of the ARION 400 tractor, which was presented last year and was a finalist in the " Tractor of the Year 2015 ", obtained one of two gold medals.
The new VARIO combine harvester has been the subject of special mention.
Gold medal for the cabin PANORAMIC
The new PANORAMIC cabin is distinguished from the other cabins by its front window of 2.41 m², composed of a windscreen and a polycarbonate glass roof. They are connected without any transom and thus extend the driver's clear view to the roof. This gives the driver an unprecedented feeling of space, a perfect 90 ° visual field on the front loader and an excellent view over the entire width of the tool or load.
"The PANORAMIC cab is ideal for working with the front loader. We needed a solution that offers, on the one hand, the necessary security and reliability, while at the same time renouncing components such as the frame crossbar, which limits visibility, "says Félix Garrad, product manager of The ARION 400 series at CLAAS Tractor, which describes the particular challenges that had to be met when developing the PANORAMIC cab. CLAAS engineers placed the conventional front crossmember in the roof of the cabin behind the glass roof and braced it with the cabin frame for optimal stability. Because of this highly resistant construction and the unbreakable polycarbonate pane in the roof, the new PANORAMIC cabin meets the Falling Object Protective Structure (FOPS) standard and thus guarantees safe use even with a front loader.
Since no blind spot no longer hinders visibility on the front loader, the driver can sit comfortably in the seat. This avoids all the tedious repetitive movements for the cervical and lumbar ones likely to cause back problems. The jury considered that this was a remarkable step forward in terms of prevention, safety, comfort and productivity.
Special mention for the VARIO bar
To explain its choice, the jury stated that the new VARIO cutting bar, designed for TUCANO and LEXION combines with both VARIO 930 (9.30m wide) and VARIO 770 (7.70m wide) Perfectly to the requirements of our users regarding the fast and efficient modulation of our cutting bars to adapt to the different types of crops encountered.
Dividers and rapeseed saws can be easily assembled and removed without tools using a quick locking system in less than one minute. The VARIO cutting deck offers a continuous adjustment range of 700 mm which can be operated fully between -100 mm and +600 mm from the cab. Whereas previously the rapeseed extensions had until now to be installed by hand, they are now fully integrated with the cutting deck.
"The new-generation VARIO cutterbars are the result of a continuous evolution and 50 years of experience in this field. The new device makes it possible to quickly adapt the cutter bar to switch from cereals to rapeseed, while offering ideal harvesting conditions for each type of crop, "said Matthias Stauffer, product manager for the CLAAS division in Harsewinkel .
Awarded every two years, the "SIMA Innovation Awards" have just rewarded the best innovations in the fields of machinery and agricultural services. This year, two gold medals, three silver medals and 18 special mentions were awarded. The winners were nominated by a jury of 21 agricultural specialists who benefited from expert advice, including many users, as well as researchers and engineers.

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