The Fendt P 8000 combines 8 combine harvesters

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The Fendt P 8000 combines 8 combine harvesters
Sunday, July 27, 2008Description :
The new P 8000 Fendt combines feature eight shakers. They are equipped as standard with a PowerFlow carpet cutting table. This series has four models from 378 to 413 hp.

Fendt P 8000 combines are equipped with next-generation Citius Sisu diesel engines. These 8.4-liter engines equipped with a common rail injection system and four valves per cylinder allow for a maximum output of 378 hp (models 8370 and 8370 AL - automatic tilt compensation device "AutoLevel "AL-) and 413 hp (8400, 8400 AL). The "Powerboost" system automatically generates extra power during hopper emptying operations.


The P 8000s receive the Powerflow cutting tables that transport the crop a distance of 1.14 m between the cutter and the feed screw.


The harvest then passes through a so-called "high inertia" drum, 1.68 m wide and 600 mm in diameter. The eight interchangeable ribbons are mounted on grab bars 7 mm thick. The system would gain

Rigidity and inertia.

The grains pass through the twelve electrically adjustable beater.

The crop is then fed to the rotary separator (2 speeds). Then to the 8 shakers. With a separation surface of 6.68 m², these models with eight shakers would increase the yield by 30% compared to the six shakers.

The otons are beaten separately by a fully independent threshing system with

A drummer, and a concave.


Note that the P 8000 are equipped with the ConstantFlow load regulator which adapts and regulates the speed of advance of the harvester compared to the load of the threshing system.



Technical characteristics

Models: 8370/8370 AL 8400/8400 AL

Engine power: 378 HP / 378 HP / 413 HP / 413 HP

Engine: Sisu Diesel Citius 8,4 liters

Cutterbar: 6,8 m PowerFlow / 7,7 m PowerFlow

Number of Shakers: 8

Shaker area: 6.68 m²

Total area of ??grids: 5,3 m²

Capacity of the hopper: 9 500/10 500 l

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