Valtra tractors: the Direct and Versu versions are added to the N and T series

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Valtra tractors: the Direct and Versu versions are added to the N and T series
Wednesday, October 29, 2008Description :
Valtra extends its N and T range with Continuously Variable Transmission Direct Versions and Versu Tractors with the new 5-speed semi-powershift transmission. Designed and manufactured by Valtra, these new transmissions adopt very similar technologies. They have been developed by retaining certain major organs already proven such as the rear axle or the hydraulic reverser.

The new Versu and Direct models enlarge the Valtra range. The N and T series remain available in HiTech versions with the 3-speed Semi-Powershift transmission.

These new Versu and Direct versions of the N and T series can be easily identified with their new engine hood and new rear wings. The new T-series also has a chassis and a separate fuel tank unlike the previous series (chassis-tank) models. The number 2 at the end of the designation of the models refers to the second generation of the N and T series.

The exterior modifications are not only aesthetic. New air vents and lateral vents improve the cooling capacity of the engine while the new rear wings allow to completely protect the foot steps of the projections even under the most difficult conditions.

At the cab, it is now possible to open the left side window.

The production of the new N and T Versu series will be implemented in the first half of 2009, while production of the Direct models will start in the second half of the year.


Quick Tour of the N122, N142, T132 ...

The N122 is equipped with an AGCO SISU Power (new name of SisuDiesel) 44CWA, a N142 of a 49CWA-4V, tractors from the T132 to the T172 of a 66CTA-4V and the T182 and 202 receive Them a 74 CTA-4V.

All these models offer slightly more power and 5 to 17% more torque compared to previous models.

All Versu versions are available with Transport Boost (additional power to transport) and larger models receive Sigma Power (overpower for heavy work at PTO).


The T162e Versu takes the specifications of the slow-moving EcoPower engine according to the firm at fuel consumption level.


These new tractors receive a hydraulic Load Sensing circuit as standard. The standard flow rate is 145L / min, but a 181l / min circuit is available for specific tool combinations. The transmission and servo oil circuits of the auxiliary circuit are separated. The heat exchanges caused between these two circuits allow the transmission oil to heat up that of the auxiliary circuit; In return, the transmission oil may be cooled during transport operations.

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