Valtra is number one in Estonia

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Valtra is number one in Estonia
Friday, January 5, 2018Description :

The year was successful by many reasons. Valtra's new, complete fourth generation tractors and new features, like Valtra SmartTouch armrest were well accepted by Estonian customers.

"We began introducing Smart Touch models to our customers in 2017 and now the first tractor orders with SmartTouch have been recieved. Our three offices in Türi, Tartu and Rakvere offer the customers comprehensive possibilities to get to know the Smart Touch . Many customers have also done good research work on the web and in social media channels, for example YouTube. Information goes forward from user to user quickly?, says Toomas Jürgen, AS Taure Sales Manager

In achieving this success more active field demos played one of the most important role. In the succesful T Series the most popular models in Estonia were T214 and T234. Recently, the new T254 has also got good response from customers. The largest customer sector for Valtra in Estonia is in agriculture, but a large number of Valtra tractors are used in road maintenance, forestry and peat production. A strong distributor collaboration in Estonia is the main engine behind the success.

?Being on the pole position in 2017 for the first time since 2010 in Estonia is a spectacular result. Together with our strong partner Taure AS we are very humble in offering the customers the best possible customer care and service. We look very much forward to the year of 2018 to be able to appeal to new customers and offer Valtra experience in Estonia?, says Matti Tiitinen, Brand Business Manager, Valtra

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