Valtra proposes the cabins municipality and municipality + on the tractors of the N Series in version HiTech

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Valtra proposes the cabins municipality and municipality + on the tractors of the N Series in version HiTech
Monday, April 20, 2009Description :
Valtra now offers the new "municipality" and "municipality +" cabins on HiTech N Series tractors (from 88hp to 154hp, from N82 to N141). These new high visibility cabs allow users of these 4-cylinder tractors to work under optimal conditions.

The Valtra municipal cabin has been designed and developed to improve efficiency and safety at work, especially for specific applications with side machines (flail mowers, side mowers). It is thus naturally addressed to the communities and municipalities but can also be perfectly suitable for the most diverse agricultural and forestry work. New cabs offer even more versatility to N-Series tractors.

According to Valtra, the cabins "municipality" and "municipality +" are faithful to the Scandinavian philosophy: ergonomic, easy to maintain and intelligently valuing embedded technology.

The right side window is replaced by a polycarbonate window with a wiper for better impact resistance. To provide more side visibility, the right amount of the Valtra cab has been removed. The tractor has a choice of 3 rear wings to further increase the view over the work in progress.

In addition, the Valtra "municipality +" cabin has a panorama glass paneled roof with polycarbonate panels and an HLE steel reinforcement bar. The "municipality +" cab of Valtra allows to increase the high visibility, ideal solution for the uses with the tree or with a forestry crane. The "municipality" and "municipality +" cabins are available with the Valtra TwinTrac inverted cockpit.


Valtra N series tractors are powered by Agco Sisu Power with 4.4 liter 4-cylinder units (Citius 44 CWA engine).

Note that the Valtra N111e tractor has the EcoPower mode which allows the driver in the cab to choose between a slow-running engine (fuel saving) or a motor with maximum power, especially for road transport.


Valtra tractors of the N series are equipped with a 36/36 transmission with creeping speeds as standard. They are flexible to drive with their programmable hydraulic reverser (forward and reverse). One of the interesting functions for the communities is the "Auto Traction" coupler, which facilitates the stopping / restarting of the Valtra tractor with the sole brake pedal. "I brake, the tractor stops. I let go of the brake pedal, the tractor leaves. "


These two new cabins are available as an option at the Valtra 2009 tariff. Production will start in the first half of 2009.

With these new cabs available from the N82, Valtra remains faithful to its philosophy of tractor à la carte. These new possibilities allow the Finnish manufacturer Valtra to extend its offer with a range of tractors - 4-cylinder 88 hp to 154 hp - dedicated to communities and municipalities.

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