Viticulture sprayer hand


Viticulture sprayer hand
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Removing suckers in spring is an important step in viticulture. The shoots sprouting from dormant buds are not only a first focus for fungal infections, they also make it more difficult to work around the vines with machines and to harvest the grapes. They must therefore be removed every year. To remove the suckers, pesticide can be applied with the usual spray bars used in vineyards. Clemens have developed a new over-the-row herbicide technology to ensure optimum wetting and above all to increase the impact.

Until now, these suckers had to be laboriously removed by hand or with the aid of mechanical devices known as all-around weeders. This always entails considerable dust clouds and not uncommonly causes damage to the vine which can then lead to diseases in the wood. Now, these suckers can be removed efficiently and cost-effectively with pesticide.

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