Farmhelper Apron


Farmhelper Apron
Description :

This apron consists of a flat bolt and a 3-point hook, it can be fitted to all machines (Telescopic and Loaders) and allows the take-up of any equipment with an attachment 3 points. The 3-point hook is adjustable in width to fit the dimensions of different agricultural equipment. It has a storage piton for the ball joints of the 3-point hitch and is equipped with a device suitable for maneuvering the trailers.



-Towing system for all trailers equipped with a ring, with piton, To facilitate the operation of the trailer. (Removable option, replacing the original piton). (Option 1)

-K80 trailer towing system for large trailer. (Option 2)

-2 Fingers straight electro-forged diam.35 lg.1100 for the taking of bales. (Option 3)

-Support 4 right handed fingers Ø35 lg.1100 for the bundle catch, folding system. (Option 4)

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