Lely combines net and string binding on Lely Welger variable chamber presses

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Lely combines net and string binding on Lely Welger variable chamber presses
Tuesday, July 8, 2008Description :
Lely proposes a new binding system on its variable chamber presses by combining a netting and a twine bonding on the same machine.

If the net is becoming more and more like the binding system par excellence, some farms always use twine binding. Lely responded to the request of the farmers, ETA or CUMA, who must juggle these two systems by installing the net and twine at the front of the machine in order to obtain visibility on the consumables. Thanks to the control box, the selection of the binding mode is done in the cabin and provides more flexibility.
The Lely Welger RP 435 press is equipped with a 2.25 m wide pick-up and a chamber with a diameter ranging from 0.90 m to 1.60 m. The Lely Welger RP 435 also has the particularity of having a retractable channel bottom: "Hydroflexcontrol". This system makes it possible to eject a foreign body without descending from the tractor. Thanks to the clamping device of the CPS system (= Constant Pressure System), the Lely Welger presses would produce bullets of unique density and weight on the market.
With this new type of binding the Lely Welger press would be able to produce an average of more than 60 bales per hour in 1.60 m diameter in the straw.
The press Lely Welger RP 435 Farmer with double binding will be present between 9 and 12 September at Space (Rennes) and from 2 to 4 October on the Summit of breeding (Cournon d'Auvergne).
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