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 sheeting system ECO LOGIC
Description :

The solution for storage.

Eco-Logic is the Cramaro® tarpaulin system for storage tanks, developed to meet the requirements of protection of stored materials and accessibility to the unloading area.

Reinforced structure against snow and wind
Thanks to the reinforced structure with a double pan configuration, this tarpaulin is able to withstand wind and snow loads.
Their particular shape has been specially designed to facilitate the sliding of chevron type hoops.
The guide rails are made of bent steel profile. Eco-Logic features a chevron-type sliding arch structure, with a double carriage head arch for greater stability.

Greater accessibility to the storage basin
To further reduce the bulk of the folded tarpaulin, it is possible to provide a steel extension so that the sliding of the tarpaulin protrudes from the edge of the storage basin, thus making the latter fully accessible. The Eco-Logic chevron-type sliding hoop system allows rapid and safe handling of the tarpaulin, and guarantees easy access to the storage basin and great fluidity in loading and unloading operations.

Performance and durability
In addition, the handling system is placed outside the basin to facilitate prevention and routine maintenance activities.
Guarantee of reliability, performance and durability, Eco-Logic is a system particularly suitable for intensive use and for large structures.

Safe: use from the ground
Easy: full accessibility to the load compartment
Reliable: structure reinforced against snow and wind
Economical: reduced maintenance costs
Fast: opening and closing in less than 30 seconds

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