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Loading axle Köckerling Allseeder
Monday, April 20, 2009Description :
The seeder Köckerling Allseeder in 6.00m is only available in semi-mounted version. The 4.00 m Kockerling Allseeder can now be equipped with a supporting axle. This new axle improves considerably, especially on roads, comfort and maneuverability.

Versatile, the Allseeder seed drill from Köckerling is designed to economically perform conventional seeding or simplified technique.

The Köckerling Allseeder is available in 4.00 and 6.00 m working widths and has a load-carrying axle that reduces stress on the tractor.

The working speed of 15 km / h of the Köckerling Allseder seed drill and its 1,300-liter hopper guarantees a high degree of autonomy and exemplary daily yields according to the manufacturer. And to confirm its economic character, the Kockerling Allseeder is equipped with reversible plowshares.

Mounted at the front of the teeth, a "Crossboard" leveling board level the ground to optimize the regularity of the seeding depth. According to Kockerling, the four rows of teeth and pneumatic seed transport ensure precise location at the back of each tooth. Mounted at the rear, the "STS" roller ensures the control of the dredging, the pressing on the row and thus an optimal emergence thanks to the ideal contact between the seed and the ground.

The Köckerling Allseeder is equipped with a "Rauch" distribution whose turbine is driven by an independent pump mounted on the PTO. The "STS" roller and the coupling to the tractor guarantee a perfect regularity of the location according to the firm. The Köckerling Allseeder is equipped with markers and disc tracers which, in all conditions, have proved their efficiency.

In order to reduce the load on the tractor and to limit the compaction effect of the ground, the Kockerling Allseeder 4.00 m can also be equipped with a supporting axle.



New: Carrier axle for the Kockerling Allseeder 4.00 m which gives it the following advantages:

 - Reduction of the power demand for the same working width (about 120 hp for a 4.00 m).

 - More transport comfort and maneuverability at the end of the field.

 - Reduction of soil compaction due to better distribution of loads on an additional axle and perfectly dimensioned tires (19.0 / 45-17).

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