New Monosem NG Plus 4 seed drill

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New Monosem NG Plus 4 seed drill
Saturday, April 11, 2009Description :
Monosem improves the ease of use of its seeders by offering the new NG Plus 4 seed drill. This precision seed drill has, like its predecessors, the disk burial with a single point of support. The main improvements relate to the cinder hopper support, the "packer" block, the depth index, the row cut and the drain.

Here are the improvements of the new Monosem NG Plus 4:


- New support for grasshopper:

The element now receives an adjustable clamping support by a single quarter-locking spindle combining ease of adjustment and precision. And in order to adapt the accessories to the sowing conditions, the chasers are interchangeable with the rotary chasers.



- Rear packing unit open:

The Monsoem NG Plus 4 also receives a new open back packer for better release under sticky conditions. This back packer offers more possibilities for adjustments, such as the displacement of the packing wheels; Thus improving the furrow closure regardless of the conditions (presence of stones, plant debris, hard soil, etc.).



- New depth index:

Adjusting the seeding depth maintains a simple adjustment by knob. But the new depth control index is now clearly visible from the rear. The latter also has the advantage of being insensitive to washing and weathering.

- Option of cutting mechanical rows with lever:

The new mechanical lever row cutter, available as an option, is an economical solution for disengaging an element. For added comfort, an electromagnetic release is also available from the tractor cab.



- New drain hatch:

The new drain hood of the Monosem NG Plus 4 offers a better grip and locks in the open position, allowing even easier emptying with the standard drain chute.




Reminder: The Monosem NG Plus 4 is a versatile seed drill capable of working both on conventional preparation and on simplified preparation. The improvements given to the NG Plus 4 allow for greater ease of use. The choice of equipment (fertilizer, seed controller, Microsem, etc.) makes it possible to adapt to the different needs of the users.

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