Nozzles Albuz APE 110 ° Black


Nozzles Albuz APE 110 ° Black
Description :

The Albuz APE nozzle is a standard flat jet nozzle that will give you excellent precision and wear resistance with its pink ceramic orifice. Its flat jet with an angle of 110 ° allows a uniform distribution.

This nozzle is not homologated ZNT, if you are concerned by the treatment of the edges of rivers you will have to use, for example, the nozzle Albuz AVI in complement.

Albuz APE nozzles can be used for all types of application:

- Fungicide treatment

- Herbicide treatment

- Insecticide treatment

The Albuz APE nozzle is suitable for all nozzle holders, and can be used with screw or bayonet nuts. mm.

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