The CR9090: the monster of New Holland

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The CR9090: the monster of New Holland
Wednesday, August 6, 2008Description :
Claiming the world's most efficient combine harvester, the new CR9090 Elevation takes the features of the CR9000 range to include its own equipment, including a new 10.7-meter Varifeed 'cutterbar, the highest horsepower Of the market delivered by the latest Iveco turbocompound engine. Not to mention the largest cleaning surface and the largest hopper available today. With these features, the CR9090 Elevation would offer a 10% increase in performance compared to the CR9080 Elevation.

Powered by the 13-liter Iveco Cursor engine with turbocharged technology, the CR9090 Elevation delivers maximum power at 2000 rpm of 591 hp.
Turbocompound technology would offer a higher engine efficiency with a 5% fuel economy compared to a standard engine of the same power. The turbocompound system uses a turbine, downstream of the traditional turbocharger, which recovers the exhaust gas from the engine and adds power through the crankshaft of the engine. This would make it possible to better value the energy of the exhaust gas pressure which would otherwise be lost.

To meet the engine's cooling requirements, the CR9090 Elevation is equipped with radiators with a 32% higher capacity than the CR9080 Elevation, kept clean by a new dual-screen rotary screen system. The transmissions are also resized to withstand the extra power and torque.
New Varifeed 'cutter bar of 10,7 m
The introduction of the CR9090 Elevation is accompanied by the new 10.7 m Varifeed 'cutting bar. The blade is driven with greater frequency, while the larger diameter screw fitted with elongated fingers would absorb the highest crop yields.
The front / rear position of the slat is now set to a 575 mm stroke and is checked from the driver's seat. This new Varifeed 'cutter bar will ensure optimum operation in a wide range of crops and conditions.
Next Generation Rotary Technology
The CR9000 series uses Twin Rotor threshing and separating technology. The CR9090 Elevation complements this concept with adjustable three-position rotor covers. Depending on the setting, the flow of the crop is more or less rapid in order to optimize the separation performance.
Three medailes
At the last Agritechnica, DLG awarded three medals: a gold medal for the Grain Cam system and two silver medals for the Opti-Clean cleaning chamber and the IntelliCruise system.

The Grain Cam system monitors the quality of the grain sample at the elevator. The sensor measures in particular the volume of impurities and broken grains using an image processing system, which helps the user in the adjustment of his machine.
The new self-leveling cleaning box called Opti-Clean features larger grille clearances, sharper clearance angles and the largest cleaning surface on the market (6.5 m²). It uses a drive independent of the receiving table and grids to optimize the movement of each component. The Opti-Clean cleaning chamber is the first to make possible the opposite movement of the receiving table and the upper grille, which allows to increase the height for a greater separation capacity and a more aggressive cleaning while reducing The general level of vibration.

The IntelliCruise Automatic Harvest Feeding System monitors the harvesting load on the cutter bar to optimize feed speed. A sensor on the cutting bar and the conveyor transmission allow rapid detection of load variations. The speed of advance of the combine is automatically adjusted according to the data thus obtained in order to guarantee maximum capacity and optimum comfort of the user.

With a hopper capacity of 12,500 liters, the CR9090 Elevation can hold nearly 20% more than the CR9080 Elevation. In addition, when the bonnet covers are folded, the combine meets the transport height limit of four meters.

The new Opti-Spread system, mounted at the back of the straw chopper, would evenly distribute the crushed straw over the entire width of the cutter bar. It is controlled from the cabin to adjust the scattering width and to neutralize the effects of side winds or sloping soils.

To reduce soil compaction, the CR9090 Elevation can be equipped with Tidue rubber triangular tracks. They ensure a large surface of contact with the ground and a better distribution of the masses. The tracks are available in widths of 24 (61 cm), 30 (76 cm) and 36 (91 cm).
Comfort in the cabin
The glass surface is 5.8 m².
The new IntelliView III monitor has a color touch screen that allows easy navigation through the menus. It offers detailed information and allows to control all the organs of the combine. To improve productivity, the new monitor is programmed to receive information from the IntelliSteer DGPS automatic guidance system.
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