Scarring system SCARR-LAB

Cramaro France

Scarring system SCARR-LAB
Description :

The simple, economical, versatile solution.

Scarr-Lab is the Cramaro® tarpaulin system developed for containers and removable skips, for the storage of waste and various materials.

From the historic Cabriolé tarpaulin, Scarr-Lab has been specially designed to present simplified and economical mechanics as well as a fine, light and functional structure. The ideal solution for those looking for performance and versatility.

Greater loading security
Scarr-Lab protects the load from the elements and reduces the risk of material spillage during transport. The addition of side flaps helps to increase the airtightness of the sheeting.

Customized system
Scarr-Lab is a system developed to measure to allow a perfect integration of the tarpaulin with the characteristics of the tipper.

In addition, it can be equipped with many accessories to meet multiple requirements: side flaps for greater airtightness, rear closures with varying degrees of automation, hoops of different heights for an optimization of the loading capacity.

Safe: use from the ground

Economical: simplified mechanics

Customizable: tailor-made and accessorizable system.

Fast: opening and closing in less than 30 seconds

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