sheeting system FLIP TARP

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 sheeting system FLIP TARP
Description :

Minimum lines, maximum performance.

Flip-Tarp is the Cramaro® tarpaulin system that features roll-up technology, designed for agricultural or industrial use for rear tipping bodies. The ideal solution so that the loading compartment is completely free of obstructions during loading and unloading operations.

Full accessibility to the load compartment
Its fine and flexible structure keeps all the components on the outside of the body, which eliminates all types of clutter and guarantees full accessibility during operations Flip-Tarp is a roll-up system operated by lateral spring-loaded mechanical arms .

Greater efficiency with the PVC net
This is because it is not secured to the profiles of the body, but it leans on the load, without however adhering to the transported materials.
The tightly woven PVC mesh tarpaulin is particularly suitable for transporting irregular or protruding loads, or bulky materials.

Greater safety in transport
The tarpaulin protects the load, reduces the risk of falling or scattering the material, for greater safety on the road.

Versatile and easy to install
The reel can be installed at the front or the rear of the vehicle. Extremely versatile and adaptable, Flip-Tarp can be installed on any vehicle or rear tipping body: 2, 3 or 4 axis traction, semi-trailers up to 13 m and agricultural or industrial trailers.

Safe: use from the ground
Compact: suitable for vehicles with reduced spaces for housing the tarpaulin
Practical: easy to install
Easy: full accessibility to the load compartment
Reliable: load protection against drops or dispersions
Fast: opening and closing in less than 30 seconds

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