sheeting system OVER QUICK

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sheeting system OVER QUICK
Description :

The smart side winding revolution.

Over-Quick is an innovative automatic tarpaulin system with patented Cramaro® lateral winding, ideal for cereals and moving floors with skips up to 13.65 m long.

Efficiency and automation
Over-Quick is a fully automatic system with electro-pneumatic actuation. The tarpaulin, made of PVC with polyurethane reinforcements, rolls up laterally on the bucket in less than 30 seconds thanks to a patented air chamber system.

Minimum size, maximum ease of use
This innovative tarpaulin system has a much smaller exterior footprint than traditional side roll solutions. Without side fixing cables or poles, Over-Quick adapts to the vehicle's original poles and guarantees a loading capacity of more than 30 cm above the drop side. In addition, no return system is provided on the rear side, it allows the doors to fully open and guarantees full access to the load compartment.

Hermetic and aerodynamic
Impermeable to air and water, Over-Quick is a system particularly suitable for transporting cereals, waste, composting, silage and other loads that must be protected from infiltration. Highly aerodynamic, it is suitable for moving floors.

Patented: with air chamber system
Safe: use from the ground
Compact: small footprint compared to traditional solutions
Hermetic: air and water resistant
Fast: opening and closing in less than 30 seconds

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